Lasercake downloads

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Lasercake 0.22.1

Windows (any) [download, 12 MB]
Windows (x64) [download, 12 MB]
Mac OS X [download, 8 MB]
Linux x86 [download, 4 MB]
Linux x86_64 [download, 4 MB]
Source .zip [download, 15 MB]
Source .tar.gz [download, 14 MB]
Other [digital signatures, obscure variations, older versions]

Any way is good to contact us: email, Google Group, IRC and GitHub.


AGPLv3+: Lasercake is Free/libre/open-source software. Copying is an act of love. Please copy. ♡2013

System requirements

To get decent speeds, you probably need a computer made in the last eight years. (Personally, we develop on laptops with 2007 Intel graphics as well as 2011 quad-core with NVidia.)

Windows: The generic download should* work on Windows XP and later. The x64 binary is faster and works on most computers these days too. *Windows 7 tested and works; XP might work.

Mac: We compile targeting OS X 10.6 on 64-bit Intel processors. This includes all Apple computers released since mid-2006 (unless you are still on 10.4 or 10.5).

Linux: We provide 32- and 64-bit dynamically linked binaries. The version that matches your system is likely to work (provided you install Qt libs via your package manager). If it doesn't, building from source works too.

Source: You'll need Qt 4.8+, and GCC 4.6+ or Clang 3.2+ to compile it. Lasercake in theory can run anywhere supported by Qt and a C++11 compiler such as these.

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