Project blurb

What is energy? Where does the energy we use come from? How do we gather and process materials, and what effects does that have on the planet we live on?

The Lasercake project aims to help people understand these things through the powerful medium of computer games.

In Lasercake (the game), the player can use robots to build industrial projects – but unlike in similar games, every part of the world is based on real-life science. Mine waste has to be dumped somewhere and causes pollution. Energy is conserved. Solar panels, wind turbines, and so on, harvest realistic amounts of energy. In short, we plan to include any and all scientific concepts that we can include while still keeping the game fun and engaging.

Most of those things don't exist yet – the game is far from complete – but we have a prototype showing some of the things we've done already.

We want to make awesome things free to everyone. Anyone with an Internet connection may download Lasercake and its source code without charge, and anyone with the ability may create and distribute modified versions under the terms of the GNU AGPL.

The current project team is Eli Dupree and Izzy Dupree. We began this project in December 2011 as an experiment in simulating water physics, and it's only kept expanding since.

We want your cool skills! The two of us could do this project on our own, but it will be more awesome if you help us out. There's a lot of different things that go into a big project like Lasercake – art, sustainable design, computer programming, geology, physics, sound design, gender studies, and many other things besides. If you want to help, any way is good to contact us: , Google Group, IRC or GitHub.